The Sherwood Seedbank Acorn Hunt

by | 7 January 2024 | Environment, Heritage, Local Charity, Sherwood

On Thursday 26th October, the Sherwood Seedbank, a one-of-a-kind community tree nursery based near Sherwood Pines, invited members of the public to collect 10,000 acorns with them in the heart of Sherwood Forest, right next to the Major Oak. They saw an incredible turnout, despite the weather, with 117 people joining in the fun. From locals, to holiday makers, to school trips, the Seedbank bought a great selection of people out to help.

On Wednesday 1st November, Alex, Sherwood Forest Trust’s Community Tree Nurse Officer, hosted an acorn sowing event at Vicar Water Country Park. With the help of volunteers, she managed to sow around 1,000 acorns, which is a fantastic start to the planting season.

The Sherwood Seedbank is run by the Sherwood Forest Trust – an independent charity based in Edwinstowe – who carry out a planting programmes each year with local schools, landowners and community groups, helping to increase the number of native trees in the Sherwood Forest area. One of the trees most associated with Sherwood Forest is the English oak, but it can take two to three years to grow saplings to a size suitable for planting out.

With the new community tree nursery, the Sherwood Seedbank are now able to collect and sow seeds, which are then propagated and grown on to heathy young trees and native plants ready for planting out.

They will be able to collect all types of Sherwood tree seeds, grow them on and then plant them out to extend Sherwood Forest!