The Open-Air University?

by | 9 July 2022 | Environment, Sherwood

The Friends of Sherwood Heath have done quite a lot in the last three months or so. They have spring-cleaned the Heath, had volunteering meetings on it, a bat walk, a butterfly and moth walk, had a management walk, listened to the dawn chorus, had another bat walk and done a morning’s balsam pulling. A busy schedule!

Most interestingly, they have also set about creating an outdoor schoolroom. A large sycamore stood in the wooded area just off the main path, about halfway towards Rotary Wood. The trunk had split three ways, so the tree was dangerous and had to come down. It was in a very attractive situation in open space with other birch trees close by, but not crowding it. The idea seemed to come to everybody there instantaneously.

The tree was felled as it had to be and the trunk, by now in three lengths, formed benches. A slightly raised area was ideal for use by whomever was speaking. The ground was cleared and levelled and, hey presto – an open-air classroom! It is in a beautiful situation, quite breath-taking.

The open-air classroom is intended to be used for internal training, school trips and other visits from social groups and the like. It is hoped that it will be an asset for the community.

Aside from the new space, normal activities continue, with walks and litter-picks happening regularly.