The Dukeries Singers

by | 7 January 2023 | Hobbies, Music, Sherwood

Happy New Year from The Dukeries Singers. They are more than just a choir, they are a family and they are keen to welcome new people.

They rehearse at Ollerton Methodist Church, Forest Road, New Ollerton on a Wednesday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm (but they are not linked to the Methodist Church).

Here are some FAQs about joining.

Will I need to audition?

No. You don’t need to be pitch perfect just have a reasonable ability to hold a tune.

How much will it cost?

The first three weeks will be free while you decide if you want to join, then it’s £30.00 per term.

I don’t know anyone. Will people be friendly?

Once they know you are going, they will meet you outside the rehearsal room and make sure you are seated with some friendly faces who will look after you throughout. The choir is a very friendly group and new members quickly become friends.

Will I have to sing solo?

Not unless you want to!

What if I cannot read music?

They have several choir members who can’t read music. When they learn a new song their Musical Director goes through each part so everyone can learn.

Is performing in concerts nerve wracking?

They are a good-sized choir so it’s very easy to blend in if you feel nervous. Any little mistakes are very easily covered.

For more information about joining or booking the choir, you can call the bookings secretary Margaret on 01623 642464 or 07896 491314, or email You can also just show up on a Wednesday evening. Check out their Facebook page and website,