Sing for spring!

by | 19 February 2023 | Hobbies, Music, Sherwood

Now that spring is just around the corner, The Dukeries Singers are preparing for all the exciting events that come as the weather improves.

It may be that a club or group you attend is having its own celebrations or event this spring / summer. The Dukeries Singers are available to book at a very reasonable price.

They also welcome new members. Being part of the choir is not just about singing. They are very much a choir family who have fun and enjoy social events together.

Maureen is one of their newest members. This is what she had to say about joining The Dukeries Singers:

“I’ve sung through most of my adult years on and off, sometimes with long gaps in between. I joined the Dukeries choir to experience once again the joy of singing.

“I remember the first time I went to The Dukeries Singers rehearsal. I felt apprehensive and rather nervous like you do when you’re the new person. I needn’t have worried. Everyone was very welcoming and I found them very laid back as a group. It also helped that there was a cup of tea or coffee on offer and a biscuit before we even started and it gave a chance for friendly introductions.

“Joining The Dukeries Singers was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Making music together is a wonderful experience. None of us are professionals. There are no divas in the choir. Just a group of people who enjoy singing and making music. I would encourage anyone to have a go.”

The choir’s committee chair John also has a strong belief that The Dukeries Singers has something to offer everyone: “Men are much less likely than women to have a close friend and they are less likely to share ideas and opportunities. When they do, they are often more focused and committed.

“Our choir has several men who have a good bond and stick together to help and support each other. They are determined to improve and get to be the best they can be”

If you would like any further information, call their bookings secretary Margaret on 01623 642464 or 07896 491314 or email