News from the Museums of Tuxford

by | 2 June 2023 | Community Event, Community facility, Heritage, Sherwood

If you were not able to see the Coronation at first hand you can see one of the Royal Trumpeter’s uniforms together with the uniform boots and hat at the Museum of the Horse. It is not quite as bright as the new ones for King Charles, having been made for Queen Elizabeth II.

In Victorian times, such state occasions would have been accompanied by the livery company’s own state coaches and ceremonial harness. These were of exquisite quality. In the Museum they have a beautiful set of gilded ceremonial harness decorations that were used on the horses pulling the coach of the Saddlers Livery Company.

These great occasions are magnificent now but have been even more impressive when all the titled families also had ceremonial carriages. The Museum’s third major ceremonial piece is of the Coachman’s uniform from the home of Princess Diana Althorp.

The King and the Coronation made the Museums of Tuxford’s volunteers think of the role that nature and flowers played in celebrations through history. At the Walks of Life Museum they have a lovely Victorian flower seller’s cart. King Charles III said that the delphinium holds pride of place in his botanical affections. Coming from the Greek word delplis, which means dolphin, the Greeks thought the unopened buds resembled the nose of the dolphin. According to the language of flowers, delphiniums symbolise joy, happiness and goodwill and also represent positive communication and interaction. What an inspirational message for us all.

Museum volunteers enjoy planting trees and flowers in their rural landscape. They are growing rosemary cuttings, reminding them of the job of the herb strewers. They were needed to scatter fragment flowers and herbs in front of royalty to cover London’s less acceptable smells. At the Museum, they have well-rotted manure free for collection to help your garden grow. If you are green fingered and have excess plants, you are invited to sell them at their craft and table top sale on the first Saturday of the month.

King Charles has highlighted the role of volunteer groups and charities and the Museum is offering local groups the chance to come together and raise awareness of their cause and fundraise at an event to celebrate International Charity Day. This will be on Saturday 9th September and it will be free to have a stall in the rural barn.

Entry to both museums is free but donations to support them are much appreciated. The Museum of the Horse is open weekdays and Saturday mornings (call 01777 838234 or see The Walks of Life Museum is open Thursdays and Saturdays from 11.00am to 4.00pm and other times by arrangements (contact Diane on 01777 872776 or