Make your own cutlery pouch

by | 13 July 2021 | Hobbies, Sherwood

Summer 2021 is going to be a time to celebrate outdoors with family and friends. Whilst many will be visiting pubs and restaurants with outdoor space, why not organise a celebratory picnic for a more personal, intimate event without crowds and huge costs? Venues could be in a garden, local park or the coast.
Since many people are still exercising caution when meeting up, Retford Textile Group has come up with an easy-to-follow design for a personal cutlery holder so that you can take your own knife, fork and spoon with you.
Follow the illustrated instructions to make your own cutlery pouch:

  • Choose two colours of firm fabric.
  • Cut a piece of fabric 23cm x 30cm of each colour, place face-to-face and sew together the two shorter 23cm edges.
  • Fold lengthwise (right side inside) and sew the short bottom edge of the fabric you have chosen for the outside, leaving the ‘lining’ fabric end open for turning through.
  • Trim the corners carefully if bulky.
  • Turn fabric through to other side.
  • Sew bottom edges of lining together with raw edges turned under.
  • Tuck in the lining length, to form the pocket.
  • Decoration of your choice can be added if you wish.

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