Edwinstowe War Memorial gets a refresh

by | 7 August 2021 | Community facility, Community Focus, Sherwood

You will all be aware that the war memorial in Edwinstowe is right at the heart of the village, where it is seen and admired by everyone. The parish council staff do a great job keeping the hedges and grass in very good order. However, keeping the actual memorial and the pathway clean has been a problem for a long time – the price to pay for the memorial being very close to the crossroads of High Street and Mansfield Road. There is also a lot of residue that stains the granite for the constant passing of diesel vehicles. Every year as we approach Remembrance Sunday, members of the Edwinstowe branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) try to scrub away some of the algae and dirt that eats into the granite and stonework, but that never makes a huge difference.
They recently spoke with the Victoria Cross Trust about the best solution for cleaning the memorial. The Victoria Cross Trust is a charitable organisation that works tirelessly to ensure the memory and graves of every Victoria Cross recipient are remembered and maintained for generations to come. They discovered that the Trust was cleaning two graves of Victoria Cross holders in the local area – one in Oxton and another in Warsop – and they kindly offered to take a look at Edwinstowe memorial.
They visited the village on 1st July and spent several hours giving the original memorial, the surrounding stonework and the pathway and steps a good professional clean. The result is quite astonishing! Edwinstowe now has a memorial set in a well-kept small garden that is on public view and something we can all be proud of. The Edwinstowe RBL are very grateful to the Victoria Cross Trust for their hard work and dedication to maintaining the memories of our brave war dead. They hope that you will all have an early opportunity to stop and take a look at this landmark in the middle of the village. Like them, you probably would not think that the memorial is over 100 years old when you look at it now.