Edwinstowe Cricket Club

by | 17 May 2022 | Community facility, Sherwood, Sports Club

Edwinstowe Cricket Club is proud to announce the installation of a lifesaving defibrillator on the side of the cricket pavilion.

A defibrillator is an advanced piece of medical kit that can administer a shock to someone who is suffering cardiac arrest and can increase their chances of their survival. Having a defibrillator in the vicinity means that if someone suffers cardiac arrest, those nearby can administer life-saving treatment 24 / 7.

The Forest Corner is one of the most visited areas of the village but with no life-saving defibrillator. The Club felt this was an oversight as there are units in other areas of the village so took it upon themselves to purchase a unit. The enclosure was kindly donated by Newark and Sherwood District Council and a donation was received from The Fabric Bug, a business in the nearby craft centre.

In addition, the Club has trained several committee members as First Responders, which included defibrillator awareness.

Mike Wigglesworth, Chairman, said: “We are proud to be serving our community and although we hope that it never has to be used, we know that there is essential life-saving equipment at hand.”