Edwinstowe calls on the Robin Hood spirit

by | 3 January 2021 | Community facility, Sherwood

The community of Edwinstowe are coming together to raise funds for restoration works at St Mary’s Parish Church where (according to legend) the outlaw Robin Hood married his sweetheart. The church encourages everyone to live generously, as Robin Hood and Maid Marion are believed to have done, and donate generously to their Restoration Fund as they need to raise in excess of £10,000.
At the Sherwood Forest Trust – a conservation and heritage charity based in Edwinstowe right beside St Mary’s – they’re supporting the fundraiser by planting and growing a locally collected Sherwood Forest acorn for every £1.00 donated to the campaign. The saplings raised will be used in their future tree planting projects around north Nottinghamshire. You can donate via the church’s giving webpage www.tinyurl.com/y25lclet.
You can also support Brian Hawkins and Michael Dickinson, who walked 50 miles of the Robin Hood Way in aid of the campaign in December. You can donate at their Just Giving page: www.tinyurl.com/y49nk3ef.
St Mary’s recognise that giving to others with time and skills is equally valuable and important and have a few ideas they encourage you to try:

  • Keep in touch to cheer someone up by phone, email, letter
  • Buy something extra and donate to a food bank
  • Ask if a neighbour needs some shopping
  • Offer to walk a dog
  • Buy some flowers or fruit for someone
  • Say hello and smile to everyone you see

However, if you can they need your financial support.