Dukeries Academy Health and Safety Assembly

by | 7 March 2019 | Education and Learning, Notice, Sherwood

In January the AW Safety Management team visited the Dukeries Academy Sixth Form students before they headed out into their various work experience placements. As a company, they wanted to share some of their knowledge with the students about company workplace safety and encourage them to use some common-sense judgements whilst off the school campus and out in the world of work.

With some of the students already employed in weekend jobs, it was interesting to see who did and didn’t receive inductions and health and safety talks prior to starting work.
They encouraged the students to stay safe by adopting their ‘Four Golden Rules of Safety’ which are:

  • Be fit for Work with no health issues — mind and body.
  • Receive a briefing before starting work — understand the task/risks/rules.
  • Report all unsafe conditions — to take care of yourself and others.
  • Stop all activity if the workplace changes and becomes unsafe.