Climate Change: is it all doom and gloom, or is innovation the answer?

by | 21 January 2024 | Environment, Sherwood

As we start a new year, scientists paint a doom and gloom picture of what is happening with unprecedented temperature increases. Currently, warming is happening at a speed not seen before in the history of the Earth and more floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc are predicted.

However, work is being done all over the world on innovative solutions, as demonstrated by the number of entries each year to the Earthshot Awards. The monetary awards and the networking that the Earthshot initiative provides helps to scale up the projects and form partnerships to enhance the overall effect of the individual projects. They are already having a significant effect.

This year’s winners announced in Singapore by the Prince of Wales were:

  • Protect and Restore Nature: Acción Andina, based in the Andes, are helping thousands of people by increasing food and water security, new income opportunities, and the more sustainable management of natural resources. Since 2018, they have planted almost 10 million native trees across five countries, restoring over 4,000 hectares of Andean forests and protecting more than 11,000 hectares of native forest. By 2045, they aim to protect and restore one million hectares in partnership with Global Forest Generation.
  • Fix our Climate: Boomitra is operating worldwide. Their sustainable farming techniques have the potential to store additional CO2, restore soil health, increase crop yields and generate more revenue – farmers earn a 70% profit share. They aim to scale their solution worldwide and have set a target to store one gigaton of CO2 in the soil by 2030. Up to 5 gigatons of CO2 could potentially be stored in the world’s agricultural soils – equivalent to all global car use emissions.
  • Clean our Air: GRST, based in Hong Kong and China, has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in their battery production method and extended battery life up to 10% longer than average. GRST are targeting a 5% share of the global green battery market by 2030 and GRST’s efforts are key to increasing sustainability in the electric vehicle revolution.
  • Build a Waste-free World: S4S Technologies, based in India, aims to reduce food waste by 1.2 million tonnes by 2026 and remove the equivalent of 10 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. In doing so, they have supported some 300,000 women smallholder farmers to increase their profits by 10- 15%, while the 2,000 female entrepreneurs they partner with have seen incomes double or even triple. By 2025, S4S wants to extend its reach to three million smallholder farmers and 30,000 entrepreneurs.
  • Revive our Oceans: WildAid Marine Program works with several established Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and fisheries management areas, covering an estimated 1.64 million square kilometres of ocean. With operations in Palau, Zanzibar, Mexico and beyond, WildAid is championing and strengthening ocean conservation in every corner of the globe, aiming to grow to 250 priority marine areas in the next five years.

We wish them every success with their innovations, all helping to mitigate Climate Change into the future.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone and don’t forget to include in your resolutions doing your bit to help combat climate change!

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Pauline Meechan, Sherwood Forest Friends of the Earth