Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Appeal

by | 9 September 2019 | Local Charity, Notice, Sherwood

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened 33 years ago but is still fresh in the memory. Families there face many more years living with the resulting problems. Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Appeal has been a registered charity for over 25 years and has helped 1,000s of children from that area. The charity’s link in Newark and Sherwood works with the school in a village in Belarus to bring children aged nine to 11 from the poorest families there, to enable them to have a holiday accompanied by a teacher or interpreter.

A full programme of events is organised, including swimming, rock climbing, a seaside trip, sailing, soccer school and archery to give the children a range of experiences and a lot of fun!
Host families are needed and are asked to set aside two to three weeks at the start of the school summer holidays and they need to be able to attend the events with the Belarusian children they host. Hosts may have their own children (who are very welcome to join in at no cost) or may have grown up children and empty bedrooms! Language is not an issue as the children learn some English at school and translation apps on the phones work well. The children would never be able to have these precious experiences, an adventure of their childhood, without the hospitality of generous hosts. They go home with memories, new confidence and ambition.

If you would like to help but can’t host, the charity also needs clothing, 135cm to 150cm height and footwear, sizes 33 to 39 (one to six). Donations of shoes, trainers, walking and football boots, summer and winter clothing and coats and sleeping bags are all needed to use at camp. In addition any spare old suitcases (with wheels) that people have can be used to send the children home with clothing to last them the next couple of years.

The charity’s shop in Clowne is the main source of local funds. Items that cannot be used directly and any other donations to raise funds for the children’s holiday next year are all sent to the shop! If you have anything to donate, get in contact with Helen Rushby on 01636 678133.

For further information visit or a visit to you can be arranged to discuss becoming a host. Contact or call Helen on 01636 678133. The charity can also offer a presentation and questions and answers session, if locally if enough people are interested.