Will the sun shine?

by | 16 July 2021 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, Social Group, Sports Club, U3A

June holds promises of sunshine, holidays and summer events. Together with July, June is a month when outdoor events can be arranged with a fair guarantee of good weather.
It was certainly fine on 2nd June 1910, when Charles Rolls made the first ever return flight between Dover and Sangatte in France. Queen Elizabeth II, however, wasn’t so fortunate on the same date in 1953, when enormous, cheering crowds endured low temperatures and pouring rain to line her Coronation route between the Palace and Westminster Abbey.
To the delight and relief of u3a members throughout the UK, 2nd June 2021 dawned warm and sunny. For this marked an eventful day in the movement’s history, the first ever National u3a Day. Originally planned for 2020, like many events it was re-scheduled for 2021. Rotherham u3a’s grand plan for a borough-wide celebration was again postponed, except for of one important event.
The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s u3a Walking Cricket Shield tournament was hosted by ‘Goals’ at Doncaster and organised by Barnsley’s Mac McKechnie. Six valiant u3a teams, each comprising five men and three women, competed for the trophy. The newly formed Rotherham u3a team, resplendent in ‘Kelly green’ shirts, performed well both at the wicket and on the field against the much more experienced Barnsley and more evenly matched Doncaster teams. The morning’s heats and semi-finals led to an afternoon final between Barnsley and Wakefield, with victors Barnsley receiving the coveted shield from the Mayor of Doncaster. The weather was perfect, the competition fierce and friendly, but above all, it was great fun.
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