Who are Rotherham Federation?

by | 17 March 2023 | Local Charity, Rotherham, Support Group

  1. Rotherham Federation began in 2006 and registered as a charity on 17th September 2014. The purpose of the Federation is to support communities in Rotherham borough to grow and develop, working with them to build their sense of belonging, community pride and spirit.

They are committed to bringing communities together, giving all communities a voice and creating local solutions to local issues.

As a Federation, they are a democratic organisation with a strong representative structure and have members from community-led organisations and individuals who support their aims and decide at their AGM the main issues and priorities that the Federation works on. After two years of virtual AGMs, they’re looking forward to welcoming members back to in person to the AGM this month at Springwell Gardens Community Centre.

You can find out more about becoming a member at www.rotherhamfederation.org/about/membership/.

What makes them special?

They know their communities: Their track record of supporting and developing community groups, Tenants and Residents Associations and other community activity means they are known and trusted by the Borough’s communities.

They have the skills: Rotherham Federation’s skilled staff team and board together have extensive experience of helping communities work.

They are community owned: Rotherham Federation’s roots are in communities, and they are the only community focused infrastructure body in the Borough.

They are here for all communities: They celebrate diversity, inclusion, and creativity in everything they do. Their services are open to everyone interested in growing communities; individuals and community groups serving local geographies, communities of interest, urban and rural area and all types of tenants and residents.

For more information, please email info@rotherfed.org or call 01709 368515,