Braithwell and Micklebring Recreation and Leisure Association (BMRLA) has recently appointed new trustees to oversee the Ruddle Centre and adjoining sports facilities at Braithwell.
The Board of Trustees are:

  • John Smales, Chair
  • Julie Dunstan, Treasurer
  • Matt Fox, Lettings Officer
  • James Goodman, Trustee
  • Darren Richardson, Trustee
  • Jeff Lockhart, Trustee
  • Lynsey Greenwood, Trustee
  • Tony Appleton, Trustee

John Smales, Chairman of BMRLA, said: “I am delighted to be able to lead the Board of Trustees in building on the tremendous work carried out on behalf of the local communities by both past and present trustees and volunteers. We now have a board that is made up of people who have been associated with BMRLA for a number of years and local people who have a range of knowledge, expertise, experience and most importantly enthusiasm and commitment.
“When it is feasible, we intend to continue to not only facilitate existing community activities but also provide additional services from the Ruddle Centre. I will be introducing the Board of Trustees at BMRLA’s Annual General Meeting, to take place virtually before the end of the year. Further details, including the date, will be circulated shortly.”

The Ruddle Centre remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, this is being reviewed on a monthly basis, along with Government guidelines. During this time, the trustees have taken the opportunity to carry out some internal decoration works, some of which will be taking place over the coming weeks. These works will complement the recent improvements made to the Ruddle Centre, funded by Sport England and DMBC 106 monies.

The board look forward to welcoming you back to the Ruddle Centre in the near future. In the meantime, should you wish to speak to someone about the Ruddle Centre, please contact Matt Fox, Lettings Officer on or 07717 811553.