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by | 30 December 2022 | Rotherham, Social Group

A fabulous presentation at the end of November by the ‘Choices’ team from West Riding Masonic Charities Limited at Rockingham Lodge No 4282, which meets at Swinton, gave a clear indication of the superb work Masonic Charities perform.

Members of our society that are in need, and their dependants, are helped enormously by this group of skilled and understanding people. Claire, Elaine and Sharon, supported by Raymond and Nick who are Directors of West Riding Masonic Charities Limited, ensure that those who need support, advice, financial help and any other sort of assistance receive exactly what is required, sometimes permanently.

The team works tirelessly across the whole of the Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding to administer their support to those who need it most. The money is provided by Freemasons in the form of the West Riding Masonic Charity and can provide immediate, direct help when it is required, usually to those who are elderly, poorly, on their own or cannot afford to pay for repairs, new equipment in the house, and upkeep of their property, or are experiencing other difficult issues.

Ably supported by Duncan, Chair of the Directors of West Riding Masonic Charities Limited, the three ladies travel where required; monitoring the needs and requirements of those who they are supporting and they provide this help quickly.

The members of Rockingham Lodge in Swinton and their guests listened in amazement at the descriptions of examples where help has been desperately needed and has been provided for; rapidly and efficiently, by the Choices team.

It shows yet another side to the help in the community that Freemasons can provide and is another source of pride to Masons in our area.

Chris Hamer, of Fitzwilliam Lodge No 3023, was able to thank Claire and Sharon for all the Choices team have done to help him and his family throughout five horrendous years of tragedy and serious illness, which he now overcome in remarkable fashion.

November was a busy month for Rotherham Freemasons, with new Masters being installed, existing ones carrying on, interesting talks and presentations and, sadly, the funerals of at least two well-known Masons.

Rotherwood Lodge No 4392 started the ball rolling with their Installation Meeting on Wednesday 2nd November at Rotherham Golf Club when a very good attendance witnessed a most enjoyable ceremony and an excellent dinner.

Phoenix Chapter welcomed members from Rockingham Chapter at Swinton for their Annual reciprocal visit and at an excellent meeting saw a new member join.

Music plays an important part of Masonic meetings and since the move to Rotherham Golf Club the Hammond Organ in the Lodge Room has taken a turn for the worse, culminating in smoke beginning to curl from its workings.

As a result, a new, state-of-the-art keyboard has been purchased, and made its debut on Thursday 24th November when it was Fitzwilliam Lodge’s Installation Meeting. Attended by many visiting Brethren, including the Provincial Junior Warden, a splendid occasion was enhanced by the new keyboard and wonderful music from the Lodge Organist.

At these meetings members learned that during the recent months £80,000 has been donated by Yorkshire Freemasons towards the Ukraine Appeal, which, although only a relatively small amount in the whole scheme of things, is a wonderful contribution and the group is very proud of being able to help in this manner.

Most Lodges in December had festive Christmas Lodges when family and friends joined dinners featuring carols, quizzes and lots of entertainment.

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