Passing the time

by | 12 March 2021 | Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, U3A

For those at work, juggling its demands with childcare, home schooling, domestic responsibilities and daily walks, it’s a question of how to find time rather than how to fill it. But for increased numbers finding themselves unemployed, for those who are alone, housebound or shielding, it can be problematic, especially during short days and long, winter evenings. With social activities out-of-bounds, they have had to draw on their own resources.
Some became volunteers, supporting foodbanks, testing and vaccination programmes. Captain Sir Tom walked for the NHS. Others turned to DIY, crosswords, crafting, art, literature, etc.
Rotherham u3a members keep contact by telephone and online activities.
Pauline Hill (reading group member) writes verse and reads. The following piece neatly combines both ways of passing the time:

“All those books on the side. That I never have tried.
Some eloquent and great. Some very light weight.
Some are easy to read. Others hard to believe.
Some are dystopian. Others utopian.
There’s mystery, horror and thriller. With detectives seeking a killer.
It could be a steamy romance. Set in the south of France.
There’s paranormal, motivational and art. With inspirational ideas to impart.
Historical takes us to another time. While poetry gives us rhythm and rhyme.
Science fiction: Becomes an addiction.
And the lives of stars. Make gripping memoirs.
Is non-fiction your preference? Ones you can reference.
Perhaps self-help and instruction. Or artistic production.
Travel guides and travelogues. Books with silly monologues.
An academic text: Can be somewhat complex.
So much to choose. From Shakespeare to Hughes.
I’ll let the words unfold. And take me on journeys untold.”

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