Off the mark with Rotherham U3A

by | 3 March 2020 | Education and Learning, Exercise, Hobbies, Rotherham, U3A

Yorkshire has a long and distinguished cricketing history. Founded in 1863, Yorkshire County Cricket Club has contributed 183 players, including eight captains, to the national cricket squad. Similarly, the Yorkshire women’s team is six-times winner of the County Cricket Championships, initiated in 1997, with at least four players going on to represent England to date.

Continuing its tradition of cricketing excellence and innovation, in 2009 the club established a charitable arm, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, to promote cricket in the community for all age groups. In 2018 with the foundation’s support, an enthusiast from Barnsley called Mac McKechnie, now U3A National Advisor for this fast growing sport brought walking cricket, a game for older men and women, to the U3A Yorkshire region.

Eager to learn more, three Rotherham U3A members visited his Barnsley team in action and joined in the game. You could say that they were well and truly ‘bowled over’.

Now thanks to Mac and to Kendal James, Participation Manager for Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF), a venue has been arranged and a date and time set for the first meeting.

Anyone interested in learning more about the game and how to join this new, exciting group, is invited to meet at 10.30am, on Thursday 26th March in the reception area at Rotherham Leisure Complex, Effingham Street, S65 1BL. Everyone should wear footwear suitable for a Sports Hall and dress in appropriate, comfortable clothing. The Leisure Complex has generously offered hire of the Sports Hall on a ‘pay-as-you-play’ rate of £3.00 per player. ‘Howzat’
To learn more or to register interest in walking cricket contact Tricia Macredie on 01709 370899 or