Local business supports community throughout the festive season

by | 8 March 2021 | Local Charity, Rotherham

Rotherham-based business Monster Mesh are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to help their local community and over the festive period this was no different. Despite the pandemic having had a significant impact on normal service, it hasn’t stopped this event and construction branding business finding the time to donate to charities.
For the past two years or so, Managing Director, Mark McLennan, has used his industry expertise to support an old friend and founder of Supergood Bikers for Autism, suppling branded merchandise to supporters and even going on to become their principal sponsor.
As Supergood gains most of their donations through the yearly events they hold, the charity has suffered in 2020, which only further encouraged Monster Mesh to keep up their support. Conscious that other charities have also taken a hit over the last year or so, this generous business looked to their local area for further giving opportunities.
Shiloh Rotherham are a homeless support service which provide support to those in need, reaching out to those on the streets and those at risk of homelessness. As the charity rely on voluntary donations, it is essential for them to receive the money they need to offer support, advice, training, and activities to all those who come to them for help.
As fundraising opportunities have been limited in 2020, Shiloh have not received the total they would usually see from the community, which is where Monster Mesh saw an opportunity to assist. The company therefore donated £1,000 in December, directly assisting the frontline homeless services in and around Rotherham.
This donation has also helped raise awareness of the charity. Steve Wylie, Chief Executive of Shiloh Rotherham, said: “Mark got in touch in December and donated £1,000 to us. We put this towards resourcing our frontline services. Shiloh is one of the few organisations still carrying out face-to-face support for homeless adults. Our staff have been working closely with RMBC to make sure that adults placed in emergency temporary accommodation have support, advice and resources to help them move into a home of their own.
“This pandemic has been really challenging for lots of people and we have all faced difficulties of one kind or another, but if you have had health and / or housing issues, then it’s even more difficult. Many of the people we support have multiple complex needs, so it takes time to build a relationship, understand the issues and offer a person-centred response. At Shiloh we aim to not just help people find accommodation but empower them with the tools they need to keep their home. So, offering practical resources, health support, education, skills, training and employment pathways are all essential ways to help people live independently.
“Mark has been kind enough to look beyond his own business challenges and think of others. We’re grateful for his support, and who knows, some of the people we help may well go on to become business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right! We all need a helping hand sometimes to realise the future we want. Mark has given us the resources we need to reach out to others and make that kind of difference.”
Monster Mesh recognise the significance these kind gestures have and the difference they can make, which is why they also made a donation of £1,000 to Rotherham Foodbank. The company hope to continue to make monthly donations to both Shiloh and Rotherham Foodbank going forwards. Find out more about Monster Mesh at www.monster-mesh.co.uk.