Bevan Crescent Community Group

by | 18 June 2019 | Rotherham, Social Group

Over the recent Christmas and New Year period, my wife lost an uncle, my next-door neighbour lost a sister and I lost a brother-in-law. All three people died of cancer. We have now come to terms with this heart-breaking situation and so recently, we decided to raise funding to aid the Cancer Research Charity in respect of the loss of our loved ones.

With the fantastic help from each group member from Bevan Crescent Community Group in Maltby, and the sponsorship and donations from a number of businesses and many of the people from Maltby and surrounding areas, we have managed to raise the fantastic sum of £712. It is worth mentioning that much of this money came from a sponsored time on a treadmill when £50.00 was raised in Rotherham Hospital by a group member in her late 80s.

One gentleman group member raised money from a ’walking’ marathon. Other group members made generous donations of money and raffle prizes. This has been a fantastic effort made by a group of aged people. On Thursday 25th April, a cheque presentation was made to the Area Manager of the Cancer Research Charity. This occasion was also a celebration of the diligent work done from a group of people who likes to help others.
Keith Stringer