Art reflecting life

by | 15 April 2021 | Art, Education and Learning, Hobbies, Rotherham, U3A

In January 2021, archaeologists working in Indonesia revealed a life-sized painting of a warty pig dating back 45,500 years, the oldest known animal cave painting. Before the development of written language, humans captured important aspects of daily life through art. Painting spans all cultures and times, flowing, evolving, reflecting changes in human experience and perception.
For centuries, paintings remained mainly ‘true-to-life’, but the early 20th century marked a shift from purely representational towards experimental, abstract and conceptual art. Today’s artists use a range of media, techniques and approaches to realise their work.
Rotherham u3a has three mixed-media art groups. Although currently unable to meet, many members, like Jan Murray, are beating ‘stay-at-home’ blues by drawing and painting. Jan didn’t study art at school but joined evening classes to de-stress during her first years at work. Later commitments led to shelving these until retirement, when she joined two art classes, including a u3a group at Wickersley, supplementing these, particularly this year, with a variety of online tutorials.
Two online tutors in particular, Alison C Board and Kerry Bennett, inspired her to try different media and styles of painting. She’s currently experimenting with finger-painting in acrylics, but water colour remains her preferred medium.
Jan works in a recently built garden studio, where she’s spent an increasing number of hours during the pandemic, absorbed in her painting. Like artists of all stripes, she finds art relaxing and therapeutic. Although Jan has occasionally sold paintings to friends and one via Stirrup Gallery, she paints for the love of it. Art for heart’s sake one might say.
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