A lockdown poem

by | 21 July 2020 | Notice, Rotherham

Rotherham Life reader Emma Mercer wrote this poem during the lockdown and has kindly sent it to us so we can share it with you:
Remember this won’t be forever
By Emma Mercer

In a time of uncertainty, we must go with the flow,
Stay aware, stay safe and remember to wash as we go.
We are a social society of that there is no doubt,
But unless it’s a necessity for now just don’t go out.

Holidays are cancelled, celebrations we must postpone,
Pubs and restaurants closed their doors, a reopening date unknown.
Daily life for us has changed; we must always keep our distance,
This is normal just for now the government is insistent.

“I’m young fit and healthy, I can’t see it affecting me”,
You can’t just wing it and hope you’ll stay Covid- 19 free.
It’s affecting people all around the world even Politicians and a movie star,
This disease does not discriminate it doesn’t care who the hell you are.

You might recover quickly or show no symptoms at all,
But what about those you choose to visit instead of just a call.
It’s bigger than just me and you; it’s bigger than us all,
We need to do our bit in this no matter how big or small.

I’m not being naive, I’m aware for some this can’t be done,
Key workers I salute you, thank you each and everyone.
Risking your health for us by going to work each day,
Communities coming together offering help in any way.

The news, the Internet the papers it’s everywhere we look,
Take some time away from that and read your favourite book.
Teach yourself a brand-new skill or give your friends a call,
Tidy up the garden, play cards or paint the wall.

My family mean the world to me, not seeing them breaks my heart,
But the best way to protect our loved ones is to simply stay apart.
Kisses, cuddles, snuggles and hugs will have to wait for now,
Facetime, Skype and video chat will have to do somehow.

Past generations went to war for us, don’t whine and moan,
All that is being asked of us to stay safe in our own home.
Remember this won’t be forever, life will soon continue as before,
It will help us appreciate things we’ll take for granted nevermore.