Walking together for memories

by | 30 June 2023 | Community facility, Rother, Support Group

Winthrop is a community gardens and café in Wickersley run by a fantastic team of volunteers. A lot goes on at Winthrop and the regular Memory Café is one of the activities of which the team there is most proud. A small team of volunteers runs the twice-monthly Memory Café to support and provide a social activity and regular meeting opportunity for those living with dementia and their carers.

Paula, the daughter of regular attendees Bill and June, recently ran the London Marathon to raise much-needed funds for the Memory Café and this has inspired the team to hold a sponsored activity of their own in which everyone can take part.

On Friday 7th July, guests, their carers and the volunteers who support the fabulous Memory Café will ‘Walk together around Winthrop’.

This will represent a considerable challenge for many of the Café’s guests who, in addition to living with dementia, need the assistance of wheelchairs, zimmer frames, strollers or walking sticks to enable them to remain mobile.

The key point of this event is that everyone will be taking part together – guests, carers and volunteers. This is about living ‘well’ with dementia and not letting dementia stop people doing the things that everyone else does!

The walk will help to raise funds for the Memory Café, to enable them to continue meeting together twice a month – enjoying activities, parties, lunches out and ‘foodie’ treats! 50% of what is raised will also be donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Anna Chester, Winthrop Organiser, said: “We all like the idea of raising funds to support those living with dementia – here and now – but also looking ahead and raising funds towards essential research to stop dementia in its tracks! If you feel able to support us in our endeavours, we would all be most grateful.”

You can donate at www.gofundx.me/a43c0f56.