Rotherham Freemasons

by | 24 April 2023 | Local Charity, Rother, Social Group

Several months ago, the ladies of the Provincial Choices Team and two directors of the West Riding Masonic Charities visited Rockingham Lodge at Swinton to talk about their work. This was so well received that for their February Lodge Meeting at Rotherham Golf Club Fitzwilliam Lodge invited the team to give a repeat performance for the benefit of those Masons in the area who missed the first presentation.

The needy, infirm, ill, elderly or insecure members of our society or their dependants are helped enormously by this group of skilled and understanding ladies and the team. Claire and Sharon, supported by W Bro. Raymond Lodge, a Director of West Riding Masonic Charities Limited, explained to all the Brethren and visitors present how they go about their important work, helping, advising, supporting and giving time to those who are sometimes in desperate need of help; financial help, help in just having someone there to guide and assist and help in whatever way is required to put matters right.

Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) is another Masonic charity which provides teddy bears for children in local hospitals. They recently held an event at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital in recognition of the 200,000th teddy bear donated and given to children in this Province. This wonderful aspect of Masonic charity work helps to make a child’s visit to hospital a little less stressful and more welcoming.

West Riding Masonic Charities help many groups by donating money, and the teddies are just one way the Freemasons help in the community.

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