Mythbusting: Hospice care in Rotherham

by | 24 April 2023 | Local Charity, Rother

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about hospices and hospice care. Here the team at Rotherham Hospice helps shine a light on some of these myths.

Myth: Rotherham Hospice is just for those about to die

Hospices care for people who are dying, but palliative care is more than the last few days of life. Rotherham Hospice supports patients at varying stages of their illness, from the diagnosis of a terminal illness until the patient’s death and beyond, caring for the patients’ loved ones with bereavement services.

Some people receive hospice care for just a few days, while others get support for several months, both at the Hospice and at home.

Myth: Hospices are a sad place to be

There are sad times, of course, but staff and volunteers try to make the Hospice a home away from home, where patients are comfortable, and their loved ones can focus on just being together. Hospice care is not about giving up, but about making the best of the time we have. As this feedback from a patient’s relative shows:

“The remaining days my beloved Mum had could not have been in a more perfect place – surrounded by wonderful people, filled with such compassion and kindness – you have touched our hearts and I know you made my mum feel special.”

Myth: Hospices are just for older people

Hospice care is available for anyone who needs it, at any age. Rotherham Hospice is an adult hospice, caring for anyone over 18. It is a common misconception that hospice care is exclusively for the elderly, when in fact 25% of those that die in Hospices across the UK are under 65.

At Rotherham Hospice, care doesn’t end with patients. They also offer bereavement support and counselling for the loved ones of our patients, including children aged five to 18 through the Sunbeams support group. Rotherham Hospice is a welcoming space for everyone.

Myth: You can only be cared for by Rotherham Hospice in the Hospice itself

Hospice care happens wherever is the best place for it to happen, whether that is in the specialist 14-bed In-Patient Unit, in the Day Hospice, or in a patient’s own home. Rotherham Hospice supports patients to be where they want to be at the end of their life.

Myth: We shouldn’t talk about death

Conversations about death and dying with the people we love can be difficult. It brings up uncomfortable emotions, so we tend to shy away from it. We might try to ignore what is happening until a loved one’s death is very close, but starting conversations early is important to allow time for everyone to talk openly and honestly.

Being able to talk gives us the opportunity to share worries, fears or wishes. We can talk about our own death, a loved one’s death, being with someone when they die, asking what they want and knowing what to expect.

Talking about death won’t take the grief away, but having these conversations means we can reduce the upset or anxiety caused by the unknown.

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