The Rotary Club of Retford

by | 27 January 2021 | Rotary

Regular Zoom meetings continue to take place but, at the same time, the Rotary Club of Retford can also report on participation in an actual project (all still within the restrictions imposed by the pandemic): ie tree planting with local outdoor education company Take2Adventure at Hen Peck Woods near Laneham.
Stuart and Laura from Take2Adventure are committed to nurturing the environment whilst making it usable for families and school children to be involved with, and are therefore perfect partners for the Retford Rotary Club to be working with as the scheme is launched. Funding from the club’s General Account, which uses members’ contributions, has paid for this tree planting launch, working towards the long-term goal of more than 1,600 trees being planted over two years in the Retford / Bassetlaw district.
Socially distanced planting of the 75 whips took place with help from members of The Rotary Club. Trees were sourced locally from Green Mile Trees in Babworth, who have been a great support to the project. Rotary Club of Retford President Adrian Sumner was one of the team assisted by Esme Withers and Elizabeth Corrigan, grandchildren of Rotarian Paul Withers (Club Chairman of Environmental Services).
To further their environmental goals, the planting saw the use of eco-guards (strong cardboard) which protect the young trees from animals as they become established. The guards have a much lower environmental impact than the plastic guards we are all used to seeing.
The project is wholly supported by Sustainable Bassetlaw who, in conjunction with Retford Rotary, aim to support and plan future tree planting. Andrew Crossland, of Sustainable Bassetlaw, said: “We are delighted to see this tree planting take place at Take2Adventure and are thrilled by The Rotary Club of Retford driving this tree planting initiative forward.”
Retford Rotary Club is also busy collecting aluminium cans which, once sufficient numbers have been collected, will be used to generate income to fund further tree purchases to plant in and around the district. Please save your cans and contact the chair of the club’s Environmental Committee, Paul Withers, at to arrange delivery or collection.