Rotary Club of Retford

by | 21 December 2020 | Rotary

Zoom technology allows members of the Rotary Club of Retford to have regular contact with each other. It is more than half a year since members were able to meet face-to-face. Zoom also helps the charitable work of the club, meaning that this can continue albeit without the normal marvellous support of the public now that fundraising events cannot take place. If you can still help, please contact the club through

Having said that, five members did gather, whilst keeping to COVID-19 guidelines, to move the club’s archives from storage in South Leverton to North Wheatley pending a forthcoming house move.

A fund set up by many of the members, the ‘Dinner Fighting Fund’, has allocated funds to many projects adversely affected by the pandemic. The money comes from the amounts saved from not dining at weekly Rotary meetings. Two recent donations from the fund were £1,050 to local schools and £1,000 to Young Carers in Bassetlaw. Meanwhile, many other donations have been approved from a variety of funds that are, at the same time, administered by the club.
On Monday 19th, President Adrian inducted the club’s latest member, Angela King. Angela lives in Retford and teaches in a local school. Many members know Angela from her support for the club in the past at such events as Young Artists and Remembrance Concerts.

No less than three speakers addressed members in October. On 12th, Katie Chubb, from the charity HOPE, spoke of the work they do in providing housing for homeless people, utilising their various premises in Worksop. On 19th, Megan Bedingham from South Africa, gave a first hand insight into the benefits gained from the club’s Bread Fund. This helps feed pre-school Zulu children. Anna McKee from Dementia UK spoke to the members on 26th. Their Admiral Nurse service provides support to families with dementia patients similar to the way MacMillan Nurses assist with cancer patients.

RotaKids (in primary schools) are to be involved with the Environmental Committee’s project to plant 1620 trees as part of the Pilgrim Fathers’ 400th anniversary celebrations. The Environmental Committee is collecting aluminium cans to help fund this. Please save you cans. Details of where to take the cans will be advertised when the ‘lockdown’ ends.