Windows 7 has gone, welcome Windows 10!

by | 20 December 2019 | Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Retford, Worksop

With Windows 10, Microsoft announced that it would not be fielding further versions (Windows 11, 12, etc) but rather would be constantly updating Windows 10 as new features developed or new protections were required. Those who have already been using Windows 10 for some time will have become familiar with these updates — major versions of which have been arriving around March and September each year.

Anyone coming from Windows 7 will probably find the new environment quite familiar but beneath the surface there is a huge array of facilities ready to be explored.

Clarborough and Welham IT Group has extensive experience of Windows 10 and particularly with the huge range of open-source applications that can power-up new laptops to specifications that match (and interface with) Microsoft’s standard and beyond and all for no cost at all. This can be an important money-saver because all-too-often buyers from major high street retailers are often pressured into paying for ‘extras’ such as ‘essential’ office apps or ‘vital’ anti-virus and security tools. Refusing to agree to these can easily save purchasers several hundreds of pounds and going along to your local IT group can yield OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Gimp (image editor) as well as even more free open-source applications and security software.

So, if you’d like to play with one of the group’s Windows 10 laptops, or take your own, to get to grips with Windows 10 and software mentioned above and all in a supportive (and sometimes off-the-wall) environment, get in touch. Classes run in Clarborough Village Hall on Tuesdays (from 1.30pm to 3.00pm) or Wednesdays (from 10.00am to 11.30am) with their first winter five-week ‘block’ of classes starting week commencing 6th January 2020 at just £20.00 for the whole block.

For more information or to book your place, contact Greg on 01777 700918 or email Visit for class dates through to July 2020 in the calendar section.