What to do if you meet a bat!

by | 13 April 2021 | Retford, Wildlife, Worksop

April is the month when ravenous bats emerge from hibernation and set about hunting our decreasing population of insects. One thing’s certain, some of them will run into trouble. They’ll have accidents or just be too weak after their long, winter fast. If you come across an injured or grounded bat, it will need your help.
If it’s in a dangerous place, where a cat might get it or it is obviously injured, act as quickly as you can. If you’re happy to approach it, pick it up carefully using gloves or a cloth and put it in a secure container, a large ice-cream tub or shoebox. Make four small holes in the lid with a pencil; no bigger or it may escape. Add some tissue for it to lie on and a cloth to crawl under. Finally, put in a milk bottle lid or other small, shallow container filled with water in case the bat needs to drink. Perfect!
Next, you need to find a local bat group for advice. You can ring the Bat Helpline 0345 1300 228 or search on www.bats.org.uk/supportbats/bat-groups.
Thanks to Tracie Charles, a volunteer with the Lincs Bat Group, for this information. Tracie collects and does preliminary assessments on grounded bats in her area. Those of us who are less hands-on can help bats too by planting some insect friendly flowers in our gardens to encourage a plentiful food supply. Summer evenings wouldn’t be the same without our bats!
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