Wednesday Memory Group keep going

by | 7 February 2021 | Retford, Support Group, Worksop

It seems to have been a very long winter for all of us and our hopes that the vaccine would liberate us from lockdowns and loneliness have not yet been fulfilled. No wonder so many of us feel lethargic and dispirited. This is natural. We are social animals and it’s hard for us to adapt to isolation. What we need is to get back to ’normal’; to resume our visits to our friends and family, to our clubs and restaurants and theatres. How good would that be? It will happen but meanwhile it’s important to maintain some kind of routine and not simply do nothing because there’s nothing urgent to be done.
Routines are important to all of us and for people with dementia it can be quite unsettling to have them changed, so keep as much of your routine in place as possible. Go for your daily walk, do the household chores together and maintain skills for as long as possible, and if you can manage a few fun exercises indoors that’s brilliant. One couple I know of got theirs by chasing one another around the kitchen table. I have no idea what happened when one of them was caught! Go for whatever turns you on and have a laugh.
If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis, you may find help through the Wednesday Group or the Carers’ Group. For more information about either group contact Jan on 01777 709974.