Volunteering: a great opportunity at The Hub, Retford!

by | 30 January 2020 | Community facility, Retford

Even if you feel you’re very busy and think ‘oh, I already have so much in my life, why do I need to volunteer?’ there are good reasons to see what you can gain from volunteering.  ‘Retford Hub’, based in Cannon Square, was founded in 2015, by volunteers, as a Visitor Infor-mation Centre for Retford, after Bassetlaw District Council closed down the original Tourist Infor-mation Centre.

The Hub has been thriving ever since, allowing people, both visitors and local resi-dents, to access what is happening in the Retford area. It also allows local artisans an opportunity to display and sell their high-quality crafts and produce.
All this has happened thanks to volunteers. Sometimes, however, it is challenging to find enough volunteers to make sure The Hub stays open six days a week.
Let’s look at the opportunities that volunteering at The Hub can give you:

  • Knowledge of the local area — North Nottinghamshire and beyond — is helpful but you don’t need to know everything. It offers you a challenge when someone is visiting Retford and comes to The Hub to ask ‘What should I do on my visit here?’ Chat with them about what they like to do and then explore the opportunities with them — you can give them leaflets but often just chatting about things that are available will stimulate their interest in the area. And you learn more yourself.
  • Gain an awareness of the skills and talent in North Notts from the local artisans displaying their goods at The Hub.
  • Provide a simple ‘Meal Deal’ lunch or snack – no cooking skills needed, just care and interest in providing what the customer wants. This offers a chance to chat with visitors or leave them in peace to enjoy their satisfying, simple meal.
  • See what craft/art/painting workshops are available and meet the people who provide them.
    Promote The Pilgrim Museum at the Hub — this provides visitors with a brief summary of the his-tory of the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ who came from this area
  • Push your mind a bit to learn new things — working the till, knowing about local tourism and opportunities, and providing simple food for visitors or local business workers.
    Just half a day a week is what volunteers usually offer — but you may wish to do more!

How can you get involved?

  • Visit the Hub and talk to other volunteers, without commitment.
  • See what goes on via Facebook at ‘Retford Hub’
  • Do an hour or two with other volunteers and see what’s involved
  • Leave your name with The Hub — there is a form you can complete to explain your skills or what you are good at.
  • You don’t need any experience — you learn on the job.

You can call the Hub to find out more at 01777 860414 or email chris@retfordhub.org.
So, whether you want to serve the community, develop new skills to help your employment pro-spects or just have fun and get to know the Retford / North Nottinghamshire area better, The Hub’ may be just what you are looking for!