Trent Valley Mini Owners Club

by | 11 April 2020 | Community Focus, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Retford

Trent Valley Mini Owners Club (TVMOC) was first started in September 2004 by a group of enthusiasts who were passionate about the Mini. By this time the new Mini was gaining popularity and, although was not accepted by some clubs, TVMOC always welcome the people with them.

From these early days, the club quickly gained popularity and grew to become a leading light in the Mini scene, both locally and on a wider scale by arranging regular meetings and events. There are many Mini shows around the country and the club often attended with a club stand winning the best in show with the various themes.

In 2006, Trent Valley staged its own show, Normanby Hall Mini Day, which continued to run for eight years and became one of the events to attend and attracted people from around the country due to its popularity. The show would have 250/300 Minis on show usually in club stands and many more in the Mini car park. Also, a good number of trade stands selling parts, etc, together with other trade stands for the public to enjoy.

In 2008, TVMOC was asked by Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) to organise and run the Lincoln BIG Mini Day, on Brayford Wharf in Lincoln. This event has also proved very successful and popular and continues to be so after 11 years. The Brayford is filled with Minis of all types (about 200) and attracts a huge number of people who come to see the cars.

The club has now moved onto another venture, Gainsborough Mini Day and Classics, staged in Gainsborough Market Place. As with the Normanby Hall event they have continued to keep the same day, Father’s Day, as many followers know that to be TVMOC’s day. Classic cars have been included with the view that the public like to see other interesting vehicles as well as the Mini. The event was first run in 2014 and will again be run in 2019.

Trent Valley MOC has a full calendar throughout the year with many car enthusiasts from the Retford area joining them for meetings on the third Wednesday each month at the Gamekeeper in Scotter at 8.00pm. Anyone who would like to see what they do would be very welcome.

The club’s website,, is kept up to date with runs and events, should you wish to see where and when members are doing things and there are email addresses and telephone numbers to contact the club. Membership continues to grow and the membership fee is only £12.00 per year (equivalent to £1.00 per month) so it does not break the bank.

You can also meet club members this month at The Beckingham Classic Night, the Village Hall, Beckingham on Wednesday 12th June, from 4.00pm to late. This event is organised in conjunction with North Notts Lions and will raise money for various charities. Contact Mike James for more information, on 07889 443920..