The Victorians in Ordsall

by | 23 February 2020 | Music, Retford

Harp and a Monkey, a Lancastrian folk group, make a return visit to Ordsall on Saturday 7th March with their new show ‘The Victorians’. It uncovers many little-known facts about the Victorian era that they have worked into their songs; for example, a moth evolved into black in hue due to the soot on the birch bark, their natural habitat. The well-known Lancastrian ballad ‘The Calico Printers Clerk’ is reworked in a humorous style. Coming closer to home (ours) ‘Glossop Road’ tells the story of the rifleman who strayed into Sheffield’s red light district and was well and truly caught out.

You can hear all these songs and more accompanied by a glockenspiel, guitar, whistle and accordion by this Mancunian trio who played to an enthusiastic audience a year ago in Ordsall, with their songs about the Great War. Martin Purdy, their vocalist, has a Phd in history from Lancaster University and many of their songs have a historical slant.
The show is on 7th March at 7.30pm in Ordsall Parish Hall on Church Lane. Tickets at £13.00 (adult), £7.00 (under 18) include hot food in the interval (vegetarian and gluten free included). To book please call Peter on 01777 706433 or 07951 253343.

A reminder that those who leave it to the last minute to book… you might find you are too late for the Jonny and Lynnette country music show on Saturday 8th February as tickets may have sold out. But do check before making other arrangements.