Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club

by | 17 October 2022 | Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

August was Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club’s ‘Away Day’ trip to RHS Bridgewater. The group had a good journey and good weather, managing to dodge the heavy showers and extreme heat which surrounded the trip.

Bridgewater staff met the coach and were very efficient in directing members through their admission centre and providing some vouchers toward spends. Steeped in history, the site of this new RHS Garden contains fascinating remnants from previous uses.

Worsley New Hall (now demolished) and the lost historic grounds have been redesigned into a new RHS Garden. The gardens were splendid and built to enrich the lives of surrounding communities (locals of Worsley and Salford have free entry until 2023!).

Everyone enjoyed the gardens, lakes, cafés and shop; the group had a great day.

At the club’s last meeting on 6th September, Annette McKenzie gave a talk on ‘Insight and Behaviour of Owls’.
A few vacancies still exist within the club; if you would like to join, please email