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by | 19 September 2020 | Community Focus, Education and Learning, Gainsborough, Hobbies, Retford, Worksop

Need enhanced language skills? Recent sessions of Clarborough and Welham IT Group have explored wonderfully easy ways to translate!
Google Translate is easily accessed online – just pop those two words into your browser’s search window. What pops up is the extremely basic version but clicking on the blue link below opens up a much more powerful version. You can either type directly into the left-hand box or, very usefully, copy-and-paste from another document, or even enter the website address of something you want translated.
Next, the application will either try to identify the language of your entered document – usually very quickly and successful – or you can use the drop-down above the box to select the language. The right-hand box will show the translation which you can either leave to sense the language of your computer or choose another from the drop down.
This latter approach was tried recently by a Japanese lady who confirmed the translation to be ‘excellent’.
Next, let’s explore a few of Google’s other tools.

As a calculator
If you simply type your sum into Google’s usual search bar and tap Enter you will get the answer displayed above a calculator keyboard that has some pretty powerful facilities too. The only thing you need to remember is that Google, along with most online tools, uses the asterisk symbol for ‘multiply’ rather than ‘x’. Thus, ‘6 times 7’ would be written 6*7. The other symbols (+, – and /) have their usual meanings of add, subtract and divide.

As a converter
Simply type your question such as ‘12 miles in km’ or ‘8 inches in cm’.

Become an instant expert!
Google is accessed by billions on a daily basis. If you are having problems with an appliance or device it is likely that many others will have met the same issues – and a few of them will have written their solutions online. All you need to do is carry out a sensibly worded search.
This is where a bit of familiarity with effective Google searching comes in. This topic often appears in Clarborough and Welham IT Group lessons, that will resume in Clarborough Village Hall once COVID-19 circumstances allow. Briefly, key aspects of such searches include:

Don’t type a question such as ‘how far is it from Retford to Worksop?’ just type ‘Retford Worksop distance’
Use the tabs at the top of each Google search page. These usually have (left-right) “All, Images, Videos, News…” or similar. Clicking on these shows results of that particular type.
Use a hyphen (-) to exclude words. For example, “mustang -car” will exclude any ‘hit’ that has the word ‘car’ in it.
Use the asterisk symbol (*) as a ‘wildcard’. If used as part of a search this finds all ‘hits’ with any number of letters replacing the asterisk. A simple example is a common family history option, entering ‘ann*’ when searching for a name will return all hits for Ann, Anne, Annette, Annabel…

To learn even more, use Google to find Clarborough and Welham IT Group.

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