Rotary Club of Retford

by | 12 January 2022 | Group meeting, Hobbies, Retford, Rotary, Social Group

At the Rotary Club of Retford meeting on 8th November, Rotherham Rotarian James Ogley told the story of Biggles. This fictional character, created by (Captain) William Earl Johns, has been very popular since the first book was published in 1932. Indeed, James told his audience, the author was asked by the government to invent other characters at the start of WWII to re-direct potential recruits into other military activities rather than become fighter pilots.

Paul Withers, Past President and Chairman of the Environmental Committee, organised the planting of thirteen beech tree saplings at the Barnby Moor Crematorium site on Saturday 20th November. Paul was well-supported by 16 others from the Club. The money for the trees came from the collection of aluminium drink cans.

The following day Rotarian Kate Firth and her Community Service Committee fronted the Club’s part in the Retford Christmas Market and Lights Switch-on. Nine Christmas Hampers were assembled and displayed on a stall on the market square. As usual, the public were so generous and £845 was raised for charitable causes.

Meanwhile Rotarians Linda Crossland, Michele Honey Floyd and Angela King fronted the Club’s contribution to St Swithun’s Christmas Tree Festival. They took the opportunity to focus on the RotaKids groups now active in 10 local primary schools.
It is a tradition that any fifth Monday in the month is a Partners’ Evening. So, on 29th November, the first such event since the pandemic was held with famous local author Gervase Phinn, the guest speaker. He recalled his experiences as a School Inspector. Certainly not his first visit to the Club, but he always manages to include different and very amusing anecdotes that recall the honesty and innocence of young minds.