Retford U3A

by | 28 September 2020 | Retford

These may be strange times, but Retford U3A are trying to be more proactive over the summer and running into the autumn. As we all consider the potential of further extended lockdowns, it is even more important that we as a collective try to keep in touch with each other, either by telephone, texts, emails or electronic Zoom-type meetings.
Various interest groups have been experimenting with Zoom, and the Retford U3A newsletter ‘The Not So Idle Times’ goes out regularly by email to the membership. The new committee elected at the end of August, is gender neutral with four women and four men. They now need to look at making Retford U3A more inclusive and in the future the intention is to mail out the newsletter to those members without the internet.
The interest groups, even in lockdown, are still working together. The craft groups are still producing baby blankets and similar items. The gardening group members are busy tending their gardens and recording their successes. These photographs will be exhibited either online or when the groups next meet. Some of the more active groups, like walking and cycling, have been trying in small numbers to share their enthusiasm by keeping at a safe distance. Officially, no U3A interest groups are currently meeting, as they are covered by the Government conditions set out for meetings in an enclosed space.
As with the May commemorations for VE Day, the Military History Group once again sent out a presentation commemorating VJ Day. This was sent not only to Retford’s U3A but the 30 or so other U3As in North Nottinghamshire.
Following the successes of the AGM, and the Wine Tasting, Family and Military Groups using Zoom to hold meetings, the committee will now encourage other groups to try to use this technology. They have not stopped encouraging people to join the U3A and we have a very comprehensive website, that is constantly being updated, so please have a look at it to see if there is anything of interest to you. If you want to speak to someone about the U3A as a potential new member, please contact Membership Secretary Sue Paul, on 01777 705008.