Retford St Vincent de Paul Society

by | 26 June 2022 | Local Charity, Retford

None of us was anticipating the rise in fuel bills with any enthusiasm and, although price rises affect us all, some will be dreading this more than others. Right now, we are all wondering how to get through this time of high price rises. Grocery shopping, buying school uniforms, and electrical goods are all already, it seems, costing more and more. This situation may mean that some families will be in fuel poverty – that is, they cannot afford to put food on the table and pay the fuel bills as well. No one would want to have to make that decision. Fuel poverty is not something to be ashamed of; even someone who budgets very carefully is in trouble when wages and benefits just do not meet the cost of the bills.

If you find yourself in dire straits, the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP), an international charity, might be able to help you, depending on your circumstances. We are fortunate enough to have a local branch of SVP in the Retford area, who will help any person if they possibly can, where hardship or loneliness is present.

The charity cannot make everyone’s bills disappear, but there are things they can do. For example, they could arrange for temporary help from the foodbank; provide new or nearly new school uniforms; arrange for grocery vouchers; and if they cannot help you, they may be able to tell you who can.

So, if you are worried about your finances, or if you would like more information about SVP, call on 07795 285424. You will always be treated with respect and in confidence.