Retford Men’s Probus Club

by | 7 February 2024 | Probus, Retford, Social Group

Retford Men’s Probus Club met at Hallcroft Community Centre on Friday 5th January at 10.00am. President George Teasdale opened the meeting and welcomed members and prospective members present. The present secretary Rob Boeuf was requested to relate the latest Standing Orders document and any amendments made to the present document and, after any adjustments made, it will serve as the club’s constitution. This was done and put before members present for their approval.

Rob also gave an update on absent members and health problems many are experiencing at present. The committee and members unanimously sent their regards and wished them well!

The speaker on this occasion was the group’s own Roy Evans.
Roy, a long-standing member and ex-President, had agreed to address the group on The Joy of Writing.

His presentation covered the reason why writers and authors put themselves through the agony of writing, whether it be a magazine article or even a book. If you have a good idea, how do you write it? Do you use an agent? Do you self-publish? And if so, how will you get your work printed and distributed?

Even now famous authors such as JK Rowling had difficulties in finding a willing printer and distributor, but persevered and after over 100 attempts finally found a small company willing to take the risk, otherwise Harry Potter would still be lying on some editors’ desk, or may even have ended up in the wastepaper bin.

Just a short insight to the problems you may encounter if you decide on a career as a writer. A very informative talk highlighting many salient points not normally made public, but they were at the Probus Club thanks to Roy!