Retford Men’s Probus Club

by | 16 October 2023 | Probus, Retford, Social Group

When Retford Men’s Probus Club held its first meeting of the new season on Friday 1st September it was also the occasion of the group’s AGM.

The beginning of a new season was also a change of meeting venue for the group, who had previously met for many happy years at the Community Centre Westhill Road Ordsall; instead, 30 members met at the new venue: Hallcroft Community Centre Randall Way, Hallcroft, Retford DN22 7GR.

President George Teasdale welcomed the gathering to the event before handing over to long-serving member Roy Evans, who was standing in for the group secretary who is standing down after many years in the post!

At this point, the present committee stood down en masse, but agreed to stand again should the membership decide. With no nominations from the floor the former committee were returned unanimously for a further 12 months. The AGM business was conducted swiftly and met with members’ approval.

Roy Evans continued as nominated speaker and would address the members on the history of Probus clubs, both here and abroad.

Retford Men’s Probus Club is a local association of retired men who join in what has grown into a non-political, non-sectarian International Club. The club provides a regular opportunity for like-minded folk to make new friends and expand their interests.

The name PROBUS is a derivation of Professional and Business. If you belong to the dwindling minority who studied Latin at school, you may remember that Probus also means of good standard, well-functioning; that may well be something of a coincidence, yet the group believes it meets those criteria as well!

Probus is renowned for its informality. Club meetings are a rendezvous for morning coffee and a get together. Time for sociability, followed normally by a talk from an invited speaker on a topic of interest to members. The purpose is to provide regular opportunities to keep minds active and meet friends and make new friends.

Probus can help when a person retires from vocation, providing opportunities for active retirees to meet with other individuals, keeping minds and bodies active, expanding interests on a social level and enjoying fellowship.

The Retford group meets on a Friday morning at 10.00am every fortnight from September until May.  Home meetings are held at the Hallcroft Community Centre, in addition to a number of away day visits in the programme. See

If you are 60 years old (ish!) and wish to do more with your spare time, go along to a meeting and take a look at the group. All new members are most welcome. Remember there are no strangers here, only friends you have yet to meet!