Retford Lions

by | 27 January 2021 | Lions, Retford

COVID-19 has proven to be a challenge for all of us, but one thing it has not failed to do is dampen spirits of Retford Lions. The new management team for the year 2020 / 2021 is now in place, planning fundraising schemes and identifying areas of need in the Retford and District area.
Retford Lions Club are delighted to welcome a new member: Lorraine Carrington, who was formally inducted at a Zoom meeting in July. Lorraine will be a great asset to the club. Prospective new members are also waiting in the wings for the pandemic to pass, and the club will make every effort to include them in their activities during the coming weeks.
Although it has not been possible for the annual Yellow Duck Race to take place this year due to the ongoing pandemic requirements, the club hope to bring a satisfactory conclusion to the Red Duck Race with a strategically planned, witnessed and possibly streamed, ‘draw’ on 14th September. Lions Red Duck Race is an annual celebration of the collaborative relationship that exists between Retford Lions and local businesses who support the event so generously year after year. It is an opportunity to focus the attention of the public on the excellent services available on our door step and you can see some of the duck sponsors’ adverts on pages 53 to 59; the winner of the race is given a cheque for £1,000 to donate to their nominated Charity.
The Lion’s Easter basket draw was drastically affected by the pandemic, however, thanks to the many loyal local supporters in the district the baskets still managed to produce some very useful funds. Throughout lockdown, Retford Lions have been able to respond to urgent appeals from individuals, families and local groups such as the Bassetlaw Food Bank, the Young Carers Group and Women’s Refuge.
The club are considering a number of projects with Bassetlaw Hospice, they are presently planning to furnish one of the rooms designed in the new build to accommodate visitors to the hospice.
Social distancing, etc, has had an adverse effect on all of the club’s planned activities for 2020 and as a result of the lockdown restrictions they have had to cancel their annual Cycle Race, Charter Day stalls, Golf Day, Youth Football Tournament and Disabled Sports Day. These are major fundraising activities for Retford Lions, when they have an opportunity to provide fun and social activities for families. A huge amount of effort goes into forward planning and they apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused through these inevitable cancellations. As members of the Lions, individuals give willingly of their time and effort and pay all of their running costs through yearly subscriptions. However, the support they are able to provide would not be possible without the financial contributions and kindness of members of our community. There has been less chance for you to donate this year and if you feel that you are able to make a contribution to Retford Lions you can do this by contacting Treasurer Bruce Barnett at Every penny counts and their promise to you is that they will use all donations carefully and wisely to make a difference.
Santa is self isolating at the moment and he is aware of the quarantine restrictions in place. He assures the club he will try his best to be with the Lions again in person during the Christmas period. All children will be pleased to know the club are keeping lines of communication open with him and will keep you all informed.