Retford Ladies Probus Club

by | 9 October 2023 | Probus, Retford, Social Group

Retford Ladies Probus Club President Angie Haynes welcomed members back after the summer break at their September meeting. She then introduced Sam Glasswell from Bassetlaw Museum to speak about ‘Treasures, Treasure Act and Portable Antiques’.

In the 10th and 11th century people would often bury their treasure for safekeeping. If others found it, it belonged to the landowner but the Crown could also claim it. A ‘Treasure Trove’ required a Coroner and a Jury, but it’s good to hear that the Coroner had to prioritise human inquests.

Metal detecting became a popular pastime in the 1970s and the 1996 Act says that all metallic objects must have 10% precious metal and be at least 300 years old. Liaison officers visit museums so that people can bring finds to be evaluated. Modern housing developments have to research archaeological evidence before obtaining building permits.

Sam showed members slides of some of the objects displayed in Bassetlaw Museum. Among these are Roman rings with ToT on them. This appears to be a Celtic god of war called Totaris. Her favourite piece is a crucifix which is fascinating on both sides. Most objects found are very tiny and one such piece is the 12th / 13th century Carlton in Lindrick knight from the 1646 Civil War. It is a silver siege piece (Newark was under siege three times) from times when people gave up their silver to be made into coins.

The Club will next convene on Tuesday 11th October at Westhill Road Community Centre at 10.00am for 10.30am, when Alan Dixon will be treating members to First Edition chocolates. Should be a yummy occasion and all are welcome.