Retford Authors Group

by | 22 August 2023 | Hobbies, Retford

The Retford Authors Group meets at The West Retford Hotel, North Road, Retford on Wednesdays, 10.30am on the first Wednesday of the month and 7.30pm on the third. They are a small group of friendly, published authors who discuss their books and other topics.

Several events are planned to promote the sale of their books, including an occasional stall at the Retford Market.

The group is always pleased to welcome other published and potential authors. Their books cover fiction and non-fiction, history to the environment – in fact, anything.

The group makes regular contributions to various literary and book events held in the region, such as Bawtry Arts Event in June this year and the book fair at Newark in July. Members will also be at the Crime Writers Book Event being held in Harrogate later this year.

A visitor to the June evening meeting was Richard Bower from Derbyshire, who told of his invitation to visit India on the publication of his book An Expedition Around My Garden – A Literal, Personal and Philosophical Journey. He wrote his book during the recent lockdown, which gave him an insight into spiritual existence.

Barry has published his latest book, Harald Hardrada, the first of three novels about the Norman Conquest of Britian in 1066.

Esther has a new book out shortly titled How to Write Short Stories, a practical guide, and Robert has a book due out for Christmas – Are You Related to Edward III? You Might Well Be! – after research into his family’s history found his 18th great grandfather was Edward III. It is a book to encourage all family historians to look that little bit further!

Members are always working away on various books. Steve writes books about the environment to filmmaking in Africa and Britain. Charlotte is involved in the production of pottery or fine art. Members are always looking for new stories to write.

The group really enjoys its social gatherings and is hoping to plan quite a few visits to places of literary interest. There will be an annual Christmas Dinner.

For more information visit, find the group on Facebook and Twitter or call Dr Robert Tansey on 01777 948369.