Retford Against Racism

by | 26 March 2021 | Retford, Support Group

Retford Against Racism (RAR) is a predominantly online group that grew out of the local controversy around the voluntary removal of the Black Boy pub sign last summer. At the time this led to an increase in racist posts and comments on the local social media groups, which gave an alarming sense of the prevalence of racist attitudes. Some local people from diverse backgrounds were not comfortable with the impression this was giving of our community, and the effect it would be having on some residents.
Retford is not racist town. However, there is a significant minority that actively uses social media to promote racism, often propagating “culture war” stories to “trigger” others into sharing posts. Some local and not-so-local politicians are reluctant to confront such attitudes and many local people are put off saying the right thing for fear of facing online abuse.
RAR exists to offer a safe space for discussion, free from abuse where support can be sought and given for victims and allies. Joining the group is also a real opportunity to gain insights on racism from those that have experienced it first-hand and develop a wider understanding of the problem.
They aim to respectfully argue for equality, for freedom from racial stereotypes and truthful representation of racial issues on social media and the community in general. They have gained about 400 members, and have already managed to meet physically and attended a major Black Lives Matter rally in Nottingham between lockdowns.
They hope their group can encourage and support responsible community action to stop racist ideas being circulated. You can find them by searching ‘Retford Against Racism’ on Facebook. New members are welcome. Only together, can we stamp out racism in Retford.