Plan ahead to support local scouts group

by | 30 May 2018 | Notice, Retford

Use Retford Area Scout Christmas Post this year. Stamps will go on sale on 24th November 2018 and the final collections on Sunday 16th December. The cost of a Royal Mail postage stamp increased to 58p for a standard sized second-class letter and 79p for a second class large letter from 26th March 2018. Using Retford Area Scout Post for all your local Christmas cards, each stamp will cost you 35p each, irrelevant to size.

As long as your card is correctly addressed, within the advertised area and that the Scouts can access the property’s letter box, your card will be delivered by Christmas Eve at the latest. All deliveries are undertaken by volunteers and all profits are returned to the Scout Groups that are involved in the scheme. For more information, please contact Kenny and Hazel on 01777 704835