Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – North Notts Local Group

by | 2 May 2024 | Retford, Wildlife

Last month saw the completion of a very successful series of talks arranged by the North Notts Local Group at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. There were some excellent speakers with topics ranging from birds and climate change, through recycling, and the Dormouse Project to the darker side of owls to name but a few.

The plan for next year is already taking shape and promises to be just as interesting. Meanwhile, the programme of summer events is being finalised. It will begin in May with a guided walk in a private woodland followed by a picnic in the wood if the weather is kind.

Other walks and visits are also in the planning process. Here’s hoping for some nice weather to enjoy them!

On the subject of outdoor activities, a favourite is feeding the birds. Visitors to Attenborough Nature Reserve have been asked not to do this for now as when birds gather to take advantage of free food, they can pass on bird flu which has devastated flocks of wild birds.

The bird-feeding spot along Carburton Lakes is also a hotspot for passing on infections, particularly chaffinch papilloma virus. This encrusts their legs with warts and, in some cases, seems to have caused their feet to drop off.

Maybe it’s time to rethink whether it’s kind to feed the birds in these popular places just now. There is no shortage of natural food at present so the birds can fend for themselves successfully.

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