Mental health wards at Bassetlaw Hospital to close?

by | 13 April 2021 | Health, Retford, Support Group, Worksop

Here’s some unexpected news about the proposed closure of some mental health services in Bassetlaw. The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans to close Wards B1 and B2 at Bassetlaw Hospital and move Adult Mental Health (B2) to Sherwood Oaks Hospital in Mansfield and Ward B1, for older people, including people with dementia, to Millbrook.
One problem this will create is a much increased journey time for many people in Bassetlaw. If you are visiting someone with dementia from Retford, it is not an easy drive by car and if you need to use public transport, you can expect the journey to take well in excess of an hour each way with several changes involved as there are no direct links between Retford and Millbrook. Add to this that dementia is predominantly a disease of older people whose wives and husbands, if they too are elderly, may well find journeys in excess of an hour each way too taxing. People in hospital need visitors. We all know the impact having no visitors had on people in care homes during the pandemic.
The CCG is conducting a survey to find out what people think about the proposals. You can fill it in online by visiting Or you can call 01777 590035. The survey closes on 18th April 2021, so get it in before that. If you need any help you can call Jan from The Wednesday (Memory) Group (see below) or Peter Lamb of The Campaign Company on 020 8688 0650 or 07729 167084.
If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis, you may find help through the Wednesday Group or the Carers’ Group. For more information about either group contact Jan on 01777 709974.