The lockdown is still severely restricting the North Nottinghamshire Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s activities and the guided walk in Gamston wood they had planned to offer will, of course, not now take place. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to keep in touch with the wildlife and for a very close look there’s nothing better than the webcams. If you Google ‘Wildlife Trust webcams’ you’ll find cameras trained on peregrines, barn owls, ospreys, badgers, bats, puffins and more.  If there’s not much happening on one site there’s sure to be something interesting on another.

The Trust website is also a treasure trove of information about wildlife. If you need help to identify something or want to know where you can see it or how you can help protect it you need look no further. You’ll find it on there together with some really beautiful photographs. For those of us who are not supposed to be venturing beyond our front gardens right now, it’s invaluable. If you can get out, the Idle Valley reserve is still open for walkers although the centre, café and car park are closed.

If you want any more information or you’d like a chat about things, call Jan 01777 709974 or 07969 180067 or email If you would like to receive email updates of Local Group activities, please email Jan with your request.