Help in hard times

by | 24 January 2021 | Local Charity, Retford

A beacon of light during these dark and uncertain days has been the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP). This registered charity makes a huge difference to people struggling with hardship, and loneliness, both of which have been a really big issue during the coronavirus pandemic.
This year many people, through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times, some of them wondering how to put food on the table for their families, or pay their rent. COVID-19 has also increased the loneliness and isolation felt by many people due to restrictions on visiting.
The SVP Retford, which covers a large area in and around Retford, is made up of local volunteers whose aim is to give help to those who are facing hardship, visit the lonely, and generally be there for whoever needs help, wherever and whenever they can.
The charity takes its name from St Vincent de Paul who was born in 1581, an era when there was no such thing as state aid. He would seek out those who were struggling to survive and help however he could. It became a charity of the Catholic Church in 1833 but the charity makes absolutely no distinction between Catholics needing help or anyone else. SVP members are not judgemental and help people of any creed or none at all. And they would welcome people of all faiths or none to join them as volunteers. The SVP treats everyone with compassion, dignity, self worth, and with strict confidentiality, giving some comfort and peace of mind.
In the last year SVP Retford has helped 108 local families. Most of these have received food vouchers and have also been referred to Bassetlaw Food Bank. In some cases, they have provided furniture and equipment which had been donated. They were also able to give some iPads to schoolchildren so they could continue their studies when schools were closed. In September they provided school uniform vouchers as well.
Due to the restrictions they have not been able to visit lonely or sick people, but they have managed to keep in contact with them by phone, emails or letters. They also sent some Christmas cheer hampers to Santa for distribution.
Anyone in need, or anyone wanting to help them can call 07795 285424 or 07772 563499. If they cannot help you they may know an organisation who can.