Fantastic Fledgelings… a heartfelt thanks to you!

by | 20 November 2020 | Children's Group, Retford

A special blend of colourful fun and good cheer graced our local streets recently! There were smiles and a few tears, when families in Laneham and the surrounding area whose children are moving up from the charity-run Fledgelings Preschool, were treated to a visit from the team.

The happy tribe came from their base at Dunham on Trent colourfully dressed and in cars adorned with balloons and good luck banners, as a special message to their ‘Fledgelings class of 2020’. When they arrived at each home they presented bundles of gifts to their ‘Lockdown Leavers’ – from specially-made teddy bears to a scrapbook of the child’s time at Fledgelings, nothing was forgotten. The gift bags even included a hand-crafted farewell card to open now and a good luck card to be opened on the child’s first day at big school.

This was no ordinary door drop. Given that this is a strange time and a new chapter awaits the big school starters, the kindness, joy and sparkle Kate and her team brought to doorsteps was extremely touching. They went the extra mile – literally – touring round the houses for these special deliveries. It was a day of well-wishes, memories and socially-distanced love shared.

This wonderful gesture is just one of the ways Fledgelings has brought something special to lots of little ones during their time there. From Mother’s Day gifts to half-term events, from day trips to Christmas parties, not to mention the daily array of activities combining fun and learning. There is a genuine care for the children and their families – a commitment to their well-being, development and making lives brighter!

Fledgelings is truly fantastic, say the parents who contacted Retford Life. Suzannah Atkey said: “There is so much more than meets the eye when you drive past the premises, too, as it not only provides a wonderful environment inside, but also two great outdoor spaces. The front garden is lawned and features wildlife areas for interaction with nature while at the rear is a hidden paradise of outdoor fun. The care in the unprecedented time of lockdown has also been top rate. There were lots of tips and resources shared online or in the post. There was even the beautiful surprise of flower seeds and a supportive poem through the door. These special people have not just coped with the challenges, they’ve gone above and beyond to make a time of uncertainty very positive and loving.” Parents send their heartfelt thanks to Kate, Jane and the entire team!

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